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[Source] Flexishaft 230v

I’ve just been informed by Rio Grande that they do not supply 230v
versions of their 110v Foredom flexishaft drill systems. Natuarally
this is a set-back, as their current catalog offers 230v by special

However, the writing’s on the wall, so now I’m wondering where else
to go. Who do you recommend for a flexishaft in 230v, of any brand?
Bear in mind the company must be able to handle international orders.

I want a 1/3hp torquey hang-up motor, a chuck handpiece, and a good
foot-pedal at low speeds.


B r i a n A d a m a n d R u t h B a i r d
J e w e l l e r y


You may want to check with Gesswein in India, Mario DiMiao in Italy,
or Kingsway in Hong Kong. All three should have hanging flexshafts in
the voltage you need in New Zealand.

Vic Joyner
HD Pattern Co.

Worst case scenario; get a transformer and have the 230v stepped down
to 115v. You maybe able to get a kit designed for travelers to use
"European" plugs, voltages etc. Just be sure it will handle the
wattage and having it oversized would be a good idea as motors
typically have an inrush amp of from 7-10 times the running amps.
E-mail me off list if you need help in sizing, selecting, wiring etc.

Dan Wellman

Hello everyone,

Darn-it, I really hate it when this happens! The Brian
received is incorrect. I apologize for any confusion this has caused,
but I can assure you that we do offer Foredom systems in 220/230
volt. That being said there is one style that is not available in 220
and that is the “TX” system. I don’t know the exact reason, I believe
it is something to do with the power/load of these motors. But the
"SR" and “L” systems are available in 220 and quite common.

My sincerest apologies for the confusion and a personal apology to
Brian, I hope this hasn’t caused you any set-back.

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support
505-839-3000 ex 13903

Brian, on second thought…what about a universal adapter for
converting the voltage back and forth 110/115v to 220/230v and
220/230 to 110/115V- I believe i saw one in the latest barrage of
harbor freight tools catalogs ( though theirs may last only a year),
and if not there, then Micromark, or Wholesale Tools, or Sharper
Image catalogues. are worth a peek.Those are currently at the top of
my catalogues stack(s) so it had to be one of the 4 companies, and it
was in the 15 dollar US neighborhood.Also,Some home stores and
retailers ( the detested Wal-mart for instance) has them in the
luggage aisles… I have solar and hydropower exclusively and use
adapters a lot… even the alternately arranged plug structure for
overseas use adapters are readily available. If that works for you,
and you can’t purchase one where you are, I’ll be happy to help
obtain one for you…


Gosh that’s disappointing, I was planning on buying one from Rio
too. It’s a birthday present that DH delayed buying until we move

I’ll keep my eye out for alternate source otherwise I may have to
see what’s available in the UK when I go over at Christmas


Hi Brian,

Many domestic Foredom dealers sell our 230V versions but do not as a
rule stock them and some don’t advertise that they can or do sell
them. I know that Rio Grande does order from us many of our 230V
models. You asked for a 1/3 horsepower machine with a good foot
pedal at low speeds. Foredom’s 1/3 horsepower TX motor is available
only in 115V. However many customers use a transformer and get the
same high torque performance that the 115V users have. Before I make
a recommendation I’d like to ask you what you want to do with the
machine? There are flex shafts designed to perform better at certain
speeds like the 1/12 horsepower L-Series (speed range 500-5,000
rpm). It provides great control at low speeds and high torque, great
for stone setting and available in 230V. The 1/6 horsepower SR runs
better at higher speeds, has reverse, and also available in 230V.
The reverse is nice for backing out drill bits and throwing debris
away from the user when finishing so you can get a closer look at
your work. It has a speed range of 500-18,00rpm. The 1/3 horsepower
TX has high torque at low speeds with a speed range of 500-15,000rpm.
Although the L has a lower horsepower rating than the TX it has more
power and greater control in its speed range than the TX. Remember
that horsepower is a product of speed and torque. We rate our motors
at their peak efficiency under a workload. Other manufacturers rate
theirs at the highest freeload speed. So a motor with a rating of
10,000rpm producing 20 oz/inch torque has the same horsepower as a
motor going 20,000rpm producing 10 oz/inch torque. Not all flex
shafts are created or rated equal. If you cannot find a domestic
dealer willing and able to ship overseas please contact me offline
and I’ll have our export manager recommend some dealers abroad.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Sales Manager


If Rio Grande won’t order a 230 volt flex shaft for you, ckeck other
places that sell jewelry equipment. For your 1/3hp torquey hang-up
motor requirements I recommend the Foredom! Remember, you will also
need the 230 volt foot speed control. Just because Rio Grande won’t
get one for you, don’t compromise with another brand of flex shaft. I
recommend finding a dealer that will order the Foredom you need.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Go to the Fordom website. Open the catalog PDF. The 230 V Series SR
CE is on page 7. Can order it with choice of plug option for your
country’s outlets.

You can download a full Foredom catalog at

This is the company store. They are revising their lines some are
still not complete. Some are available in 230 volt. The newer PM
motors don.t appear to be in 230 volts. You should ask them.


Hi Brian,

Have you ever considered adding a step-down transformer to your
shop’s accoutrements? (i.e. one that’d reduce your wall outlet’s
voltage from 220 or 230v to 110 or 115v?) Either that, or one of
those travel adaptors so commonly seen in luggage shops, would seem
to be the path of least resistance, wouldn’t it? Besides, if you
went that route, you would then be able to buy nearly any product
from any supplier…

Douglas Turet, G.J.,
Turet Design, LLC
P.O. Box 242
Avon, MA 02322-0242
Tel: (508) 586-5690
Fax: (508) 586-5677


I do not know if you all ready solve this problem but you can buy
them from foredom directly, you can see the instruction they provide
at the end

Regard’s from Chile
Alvaro Diaz Codoceo
Santiago, Chile

Thanks for all the kind help offered me over this, everyone, and to
the personal notes from my special cobbers! Thanks also to Thackeray
from Rio who assured me that they do indeed carry the usual range in
230v, and to Mike from Foredom for the helpful details.

With regard to step-up transformers (110v to 230v) I’ve some
experience with these as I have some electrical gear that I got in
USA years ago, incl a nice Audio Research SP9 preamp, and I found out
then that transformers at the correct power rating (bought here from
the local factory) can add quite a lot more expense to the package.
And unless one turns them off at the wall they can sit there using
significant electricity.

midwinter and a chilly 13degC