[Source] Flat onyx

Where would I find a couple pieces of onyx about 16mm x 16mm x 2-3mm
thick. I broke an onyx ring and I need to replace the flat onyx. I
need to cut it to fit so a bigger piece could also be used. Thank
you everybody in advance.

Steven Blank

try: Joseph Stachura in Oxbridge, MA, USA

then do a search for “onyx” this got me five+ pages of listings for a
bunch of different shapes/sizes. and if you don’t see it, call them,
they might still be able to assist.


Hi Steve

Try this company

they have some flat onyx cabochons.


Would black jade work?


Steve- Are you sure you want onyx? I’d recommend black jade. Black
jade is much more durable than onyx.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

I have natural black onyx to prepare.

Let me know what you need cut?
Digipod on Etsy

In the US, this company has flat cabs:

Janet Kofoed