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[Source] Flap Wheel for pendant motor


I have been using an unknown brand of mini flap wheel in my pendant
motor. My usual supplier is out of stock with no immediate sign of
being able to reorder.

I am very keen to purchase more & don’t mind buying online from
anywhere in the world if anyone recognises the maker of the flap
wheel in attached image file. I have already done a fairly thorough
internet search but there must be someone out there selling these.
Any help much appreciated.

Phil W

again, maybe not the same brand, but same idea, interleaf mounted
mini flapwheel [PDF file]

and when all else fails - Amazon

I knew I had seen them somewhere.

Doxallo Designs Studio
Jewelry Artists Network

oh, one more thought - the photo says ‘regal’ - you could try
contacting regal for a distributor if you haven’t already done so.

Doxallo Designs Studio
Jewelry Artists Network

I believe I have seen these identical items at "FDJ On Time Supply"
in Winter Park, Florida. Google them, they have a website, or call
(407-629-6906) and ask for Brian if he’s avaliable. They are a
wonderful bunch and have great products at generally very
competitive prices. Best Wishes! Sharon