[Source] Fine silver tubing

Does anyone know of a source for fine silver tubing? TIA Pam Chott

Pam, David H fell Co. might make i t up for you. I know they do
special orders. They are in Las Angeles, Ca. so am I, hence I only have
the LA # . ButI am sure they have an 800 #. 213-722-9992 Sue

Yes, me too. I’d like thick walled fine sil tubing, as well. For tube
rivets. Around 4mm OD and .8+mm wall thickness That’s 0.15" OD and
0.030" to the imperial people.

I’ll be watching this thread with interest.


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I buy my fine silver wire for crocheting from Hauser Miller. They
also make sterling tubing and gold tubing. The sterling tubing has
very thick walls. So I would assume that you could have them make you
some fine silver tubing. They have special ordered things for me.

Hauser Millers number is 1-800-462-7447

I also have bought tubing from Thunderbird. Their tubing is finer
walled. I would guess they could get you fine silver too.

Their number is1-800-557-7968

For all of those interested in fine silver tubing…

I looked into this about a year ago and you can get the tubing…but
you need to special order the tubing and then order a lot. I
contacted some companies here in the United States. The companies
informed me that the manufacturer of the tubing would have to stop to
run fine silver and to make it worth their while they have a minimum
order of the same type of tube. Don’t ask me to remember the $$$
amount. This didn’t work for me, but for someone who uses the same
type of tube in production it may be an advantage. I believe Rio
Grande may be able to give you some or any metal supply

Good Luck!

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If you can’t get the fine silver tubing, it is easy enough to make.
Just draw some rectangles threw a drawing plate and solder up the
seam. Works pretty good for me. Susan Chastain

This tubing isn’t a real problem…simply make your own. There
are many books detailing tubing maufacture. There are many
inexpensive drawplates available. And the experience you gain makes
you a better metalsmith. Go ahead and try it! If you need sources
for the tools let me know.


I’m looking for round fine silver tubing with about 1/2" diameter.
I’ve checked the catalogs and web sites of the following and none
lists fine silver tubing (could be they have it but are not listing
it). If you know of a source, please let me know.

Sources for sterling tubing but not fine silver:
Rio Grande
Hoover and Strong
Houser and Miller

Thanks! Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth

Try asking some of the companies that make silver flutes and
piccolos as they use that size tubing. A friend of mine has a brother
who makes them and gave me a bunch of pieces of left over 1/2 inch
sterling tube. I do know that occasionally they make fine silver a
another friend had a fine silver piccolo.

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Hello Everyone, and happy new year! I am in search of a source for
fine silver tubing, with an inside diameter of at least 5mm and

I know that Rio carries f.s. tubing, but they’re too small, and
Hoover doesn’t offer it. Any help would be greatly appreciated-


Try http://www.metalclayfindings.com
they carry an extensive line of fine silver findings.


have you tried making a length?if you have. 999 sheet it is really
quite easy to mill anything you need, particularly in non-standard
ID sizes. If you need some tips on forming it the archives on Orchid
have seen a few threads in the past twelve months on the subject,
and if tou’d like specific instructions feel free to email me and
I’ll walk you through some basic steps tat have served me well. For
instance I never make a taper on one end( wastes too much and I
don’t need draw tongs for this method) and use a plain thin-ish B&S
gauge as a makeshift drawplate ( easier than an actual drawplate due
to the larger hole sizes and aneal it frequently then lubricate the
gauge hole with a light coating of beeswax from the start to assist
your metal in smoothly coursing through the “plate”. I know some will
argue that it is too unorthodox to work, but i have made quite a lot
of tubing in my lifetime and opted for the thin plate method over
most others when I needed fairly large diameter tubes, or ring
blanks of. 999 in a gauge between say, 18-26…( some may also argue
that fine silver is not suitable for ring shanks as well!-not true in
my experience-in fact I don’t use sterling much, preferring. 999
unless I need the strength that the alloy (. 925) adds, or in
repairing someone’s sterling jewelery !) And just a technicality-
Hoover will, I believe fabricate anything you wish for a fairly
reasonable fee…the details are in their catalog Re:special ordering.
Let me know if I can answer any additional questions for you


Does anyone have suggestions for a supplier for fine silver tubing
in a variety of sizes, to be used for enameling.



Metal Clay Findings metalclayfindings.com has .999 fine silver 3mm
and 6mm outside diameter straight tubing in lengths up to 25mm (and
some curved 3mm tubing).


Do you know of a company that sells fine silver tubing, in this
Inside Diameter range of 0.70" to 0.75" (~18mm to ~19mm), with
various wall thicknesses.

Hi Ester,

Try http://metalliferous.com They have quite a lot of hard to find