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[Source] Fiber optic cable

Hello All,

I’m looking for a source of Fiber optic cable, small quantities, of
both individual strands (1mm?) and the larger sliced material–
1.5", etc.-- which is either fused strands or the “rough” from which
the small strands are drawn. Colored material might be okay. I want
to do some experimenting.

Thanks in advance, Andy Cooperman

Hi Andy- you might try a cable ibstallation company-DSL,etc-ask for
scraps to experiment with. The fiber optic material used is actually
spun glass and should be handled carefully as it tends to break into
microscopic bits and become airborn-need to use a mask and safety
glasses and gloves when cutting and handling it. Once it is encased
it is great stuff to play with!

Hi Andy, perhaps this person can help, we got this address a couple
years ago, soooooooooo…

Just Lights
David Ellis
011 S.W. Hooker St.
Suite 200
Portland, Or.   97201
Fax.  (503) 242-9018

ph. (503) 242-2522.

Good luck,
Lisa Hawthorne

Andy, I have seen pieces of this cable at electronic scrap yards, all
sizes. I’m sure that there are many in the Seattle area, this would
be your best (and cheapest) bet for small quantities. Have fun and
keep us posted. Steve