[Source] Fancy letter stamps

Hi All. In the April issue of Jewelry Artist there is an ad for a
book coming out in July called “Stamping Metal Jewelry”. On the cover
is an example of letter stamping using a fancy font that is
definitely not like a typical letter stamp, but more like something
out of Microsoft Word. Does anyone know of the source for stamps like
these? Thanks!


Beaducation.com has a good selection of different fonts and designs.

Cande Toner
Dancing Turtle Studios

I wonder if they used stamps from www.beaducation.com. They have some
cute ones…one called kismet.


I’ve ordered from Infinity Stamps and they have worked very well!
They can also do custom fonts!

Urban Beader also has some different fonts, including script,
typewriter, and Greek:



I have not ordered from this site, but check out:

in windy Snohomish