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[Source] Faceted crystal quartz beads


Hello Orchidians,

I need some round and rondelle faceted crystal quartz beads, in
5x8mm (rondelle) 8mm and 10mm (round) sizes. My necklace (picture
attached) is selling like hot cakes… well, my form of
selling-like-hot-cakes - so, 5, with orders for 4 more, and I am out
of the beads I need!


I went to the source I used previously, and they no longer carry the

“Oh noes!”, quoth I.

So, I need help. Thing is, I am -very- picky about how these beads
are faceted. I do not want ‘large’ faceting. I like what some
purveyors call ‘micro-faceting’, but this does not seem to translate
across all vendors. The beads I bought previously were not labeled
that way.

I will accept recommendations on glass beads, so long as the
faceting is done correctly.

Thank you in advance! Contact me offline, if you like.