[Source] Ebony wood

I’m looking for a source of ebony wood. It should be approximately
1/2" thick and I’m looking to purchase approximately 2 square feet
(almost any configuration will do). I’ll be cutting it into small
shapes (any suggestions about power cutting tools for this would be
appreciated: table saw, band saw …?). Also, wouldn’t mind a
source that supplies AND cuts
… Thank you all in advance. Stacy in NYC.

Try http://www.exoticwoods.com They’re in New Jersey, it will be much
cheaper if you buy close to the sizes needed… they will cut to
size… Nice people to do buisness with. Best wishes! Bob

Stacy…I have a small supply of ebony. What type are you
interested in? The predominately available Madagasgar ebony is not
the black wood. It is more of a deep brown with deeper brown grain.
The African Blackwood, which bagpipes and such were made of, is black
and with a very light yellow sapwood. I can cut it into small pieces
for you if you like as well. Just need to know the specifics. Drop
me a not offline if you like…I will check my stock of exotics.


Try http://Constantines.com in Ft Lauderdale. Regards

I can get ebony at Southern Lumber in San Jose. The actually carry 2
"varieties" of ebony- the black stuff and a lighter-colored wood.
It’s a specialty lumber story with many gorgeous woods. Most large
cities have a lumber-wordworking store that caters to wood-working
hobbiests and craftsmen. These stores sell small pieces. You could
also look in the Thomas register.

Virginia Lyons