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[Source] Drill Chuck

Surfing the internet has not resulted in a source for a drill chuck
that has a collar with set screws for a 1/4" motor shaft. I would
appreciate a lead for a company that can supply this. Thanks.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

Hi Richard,

What’re you trying to do? Stick a drill chuck directly on the end of
some sort of motor? That’s not normally how drill chucks want to
mount. I’ve never seen one with setscrews, set up for a straight
shaft. They may well exist, but they’re not at all common. (and thus
will be expensive if you find one.)

The two normal styles are either a taper (such as JT33) or threaded
mount, where it just screws onto the end of a threaded shaft. Just
for grins, I looked at a couple of the big industrial suppliers that
would be my first few choices when looking for something weird like
this. No dice. Nothing even close.

You’ll probably end up having to machine an adaptor. It might be
simpler to re-evaluate what you’re up to, and see if you can find a
way to come up with a threaded output shaft, rather than a straight


Why not look for a oldish proper Black and Decker electric hand
drill. Break it for the Jacobs chuck and shaft.

Have that turned to 1/4 o/d

then have a collar turned with the 2 set screws you need in it to
connect the chuck to your motor. Half an hour for a small lathe.

You’re not going to find one.

Unless the motor had a precision ground shaft and the collar were
turned to fit, a collar and set screw would make the chuck run
eccentrically. That’s why drill chucks attach with fittings that, by
design, mount the chuck concentric with the shaft.



I have one of these chucks. It is a Craftsman. You might try Sears,
I have had this one for 30+ years. I haven’t seen anything like this
on the market for a long time. I use it on a small drill press I
built from scratch many years back.

Good Luck. Dan.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Hello everyone! I have been lurking and enjoying all the talk for a
while now. I began my jewelry life as a lapidary, and once had a
wonderful tool made by Graves called a cabmate. Saw on one side and
the other side has a variety of accessories, one of which is the
little drill chuck you seem to be describing. I believe they still
make all the parts, and I think the chuck was about 19.95. Probably
on Google under Graves Cabmate. Hope this helps, Thomas III 

Heh, look at that.

Further to my comment, however, this is designed for holding mounted
brushes and buffs. As such perfect concentricity to the shaft is not
critical. I wouldn’t want to use it as a drill chuck.

I missed the beginning of this thread but I think you are looking
for a Albrecht Micro Dill Adapter.

We have one and I really like that it turns my regular drill press
into a tight micro drill. A search should lead to competitive prices.
Enco shows prices from $93 - $248. Good luck.

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

Rio Grande stocks a chuck meant to be used on the straight shaft of
a polishing motor. It attaches with the use of set screws in the same
fashion as does a tapered spindle used for polishing wheels. (Item
333054 for 1/2" shaft and 333055 for 5/8" shaft) Perhaps this might

J Collier