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[Source] Drew plate

G`DAY all you jewellers out there i have been trying to get a hold of
a drew plate that can drew .1 of a mill the drew plate that i have can
drew down to .1.5 of a mill can anybody help i need it for very fine
work , i got a hold of stainless steel of that size (.1) of a
mill if anyone can help me it be appreciated and remembered . ALEX

I have seen a drawplate that is made of tungsten Carbide that goes
down to 0.12mm from 0.22mm. The markings on it are SRM 01. This used
for filigree work and is expensive. There are some French Drawplates
that go down to these sizes. If you know the range (of the size that
you want on it) it will be easier for us to look.

Kenneth Singh