[Source] Domed silver circles & discs

Dear All, Does anyone know where one can purchase already domed
silver circles/discs. I have checked some of the major online stores
with no luck.

Thank you, Eve.


Why not make them yourself? You can purchase (or make) dapping
punches. You can buy a dapping block or do your dapping using
indentations in the grain end of a log or piece of cut lumber. Discs
cam be purchased from suppliers such as Rio Grande, or you can cut
them out of sheet using a saw, disc cutter or shears.

Jerry in Kodiak


I have done a lot of these, and have done them a couple of ways. Mine
are only slightly domed, note, not fully hemispherical.

First I sawed the discs out then planished the centre area gently til
the disc domed up. The discs retained the planished surface which I
accepted as part of the design.

Then many years later I hammered each disc down into a wooden hole I
had made by a local woodworker (retired). Used a fat delryn punch.

Now I use a custom disc-cutter and dome 3 or 4 at a time with a press
using a polished dome tool and a red lurethane block encased around
the edges with steel (so the power of the press mainly works on the
silver discs).

Pop 'em in the tumbler.
Brian Adam


buy a disc cutting set from Harbor freight (one of the best
investments you’ll make and their best tools!) then form them on a
wood dapping block with a punch (cheapest- though not long lasting)
block or any dapping set of your choice. In the long run you’ll save
time and money and can reuse scraps of metal for things you need
circles or domed pieces for (accents) as well as opening up your
design possibilities a lot. Otherwise Hoover and Strong sells them,
Metalliferous, CGM findings, and a host of other sellers… rer

Metalliferous has them in their online catalogue.

I purchased both my steel dapping block and punch from Harbor
Freight. Great prices!

Holly Eve Designs