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Hi All,

I am a small designer and am hoping someone may have a
recommendation for me in my search for another reputable gemstone
bead supplier. The supplier I was working with for the past few years
has stopped cutting semi-precious stones and now only works with
diamonds. In the meantime, I received my first order from a major
retailer and after years of trying to get such an order I now have
it, but to my great dismay don’t have the needed supplier to fill the
order. Finding what I need doesn’t seem to be a problem (if I am
willing to wait a month to have the stones cut which I don’t have),
however the problem is that no one has the stones I need, in
stock-ready to ship, and as these are all new suppliers to me I am
being quoted prices that are double what I used to pay for AAA

Any help would be warmly and greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Amy Lock

Hi, Amy - we’ve never dealt with them, it’s just a bookmark we saved
along the way:

Rough and ready gems, inc