[Source] Diamond rough

Hey All!

I am looking for white diamond rough, very very small, what would be
cut into melee size (under 5 points each) Even what you would
consider “sand” would work okay… but I’d rather be in the 1-5
point range.

It doesn’t have to be super clear, but just white.

Thanks so much!

tracey jenkins

It (diamonds) doesn't have to be super clear, but just white. 

FYI : color, of color, cut, clarity is the most highly valued.


try this cheap and sandy: powe industrial diamonds

Tracey, this is where I would say go to Ebay. There are a few
dealers who sell diamond rough - I for one don’t know any lately
that are serious. Every dealer has some crystal now and then. I
searched for diamond rough on Ebay and got 150 hits or so - you
could enquire for your own needs, I would think. BTW, people ask
about diamond sources now and then on Orchid - I read them and
think, “I can’t tell you that! On a public forum!?!?!” The real
dealers are references, introductions, reputation, etc. And always
security issues. Askers of such questions shouldn’t be put off if
they get so-so results…


Hi Tracy, How much of this material do you need and what are you
willing to pay, per carat, for it.

Stephen Wyrick, Geo_Gem-oligist