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[Source] Diamond melee

Can anyone recomend a good, competitively priced, source for diamond
melee? I need 18 matched pieces of 2mm, (.03 ct.), G-H, SI1 diamonds.

Joel Schwalb

Joel: Try Jacob Paskesz,Inc. ,888 775-5096 or 212 575-5096. Ask for
Albert. He has the goods that you’re looking for, and he has
super-fine goods too. The prices are great, AND he is willing to
calibrate stones with a micrometer for those jobs where you’re
channel or flush-setting 50 1.2mm stones… I’ve even called him late
in the afternoon and received the diamonds the next morning! They
also have larger stones, if you need them. Tell 'em I sent you…

Doug Zaruba

Joel, I have found IBN, 800-446-0068, a very good source for melee. I
have only bought their better goods(VS) but they can match sizes and
have excellent price and service in this grade. Ask for Neil. Bill

That is not melee. Melee is small assortment of all different sizes
of small stones… If you ask for specific clarity and color that is
not melee… Sorry, If you want some nice stone I have some

Sorry to disagree with you here Rob, but in America melee does refer
to any diamonds .17 ct. and smaller, whether it is a mixed lot or
specific cut, color and clarity.

There seems to be some confusion over the meaning and use of the word
melee. The following definitions are taken directly form the GIA
Diamond Dictionary.

Melee - (1) Polished eight-cut, single-cut, rose-cut, or full-cut
brilliants ranging from 0.005 to 0.20 ct. (2) Rough sorting term for
regular, sawable stones weighing up to 1 ct. from which polished
melee can be manufactured. French, meaning mixed.

Melange - Assortment of diamonds of mixed weights and/or qualities,
usually (but not always) in sizes larger than melee. French for

From GIA’s dictionary and from what I remember from my text book,
melee refers to diamond weight and melange refers to a mixture of
weights and grades.

Charles Heick

A friend of mine is having me make her wedding ring, and I am looking
for some 1mm diamonds. As I am not a jewelry professional and am not
going to be making continued purchases of diamonds, is there a source
that would be able to provide me with a small one-time order like
this? I have been doing a little hunting around on the internet, but
it seems difficult to find diamonds this small. Thanks!


Try Alpha Imports. They are very friendly to jewelers practicing
special orders. Here is the link

Leonid Surpin

I have ten one pointers that I bought for reasons unknown a long
time ago. They may be smaller than 1 mm though. I’ll dig them out
and measure them.

Fred M

This may sound like a silly question, but, do you realize just how
small these will be? I have a student in my metal clay class who
bought (sight unseen) some 1mm CZs, and she is having a terribly
difficult time even embedding them in silver clay. Setting stones
that small does not strike me as a task for a “non-professional”. I
AM a professional (though I set relatively few diamonds) and I would
certainly blanch at such a project! I think you would pretty much
have no choice but to do the work entirely under a microscope,
though others can tell you whether that is true.

In any case, best of luck, and keep us posted!


Stuller or Hoover and Strong have melee diamonds, if you have an
account with either. Check with your current suppliers because they
may have them.

Melissa Stenstrom

I am looking for a reputable supplier of a few carats of good
quality diamond melee.1.5-2.3mm. Appreciate any help.

Thanks Much!


We have precision cut melee in RB, as well as just about all other
fancies. Right now we are overstocked with goods in the mm range you

John Webb
Diamond Sales Specialist
Stuller, Inc.

good morning all,

i was just wondering who you all use for diamond melee. I have always
just used stuller but my trade account’s are screaming for better
margins. Is there another source for just as adequate goods or is
stuller still the way to go. I mainly purchase I1 gh and i2 goods. I
have been solicited by companies who advertise less per carat but the
color grade goes down a little for the goods i want. appreciate the

thanks william

Great source is…

K. Rosengart
She is formerly of KR Diamonds in NY
Right size, every time. Great prices.


I really would like to respond to the post I picked up from Orchid.
As of now we are manufacturing melees and large goods at a high rate.
Our VAT and premiums are a few percent higher due to increased rough
demand. Now with that being said Stuller has and always will hold the
highest standards relative to the 4 c’s. If you would like to
schedule an appointment with me I think we could work out a solution.
We do appreciate your business.

Kindest Regards,
John Webb
Diamond Sales Specialist