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This is NOT one of those ‘I have a friend who is having trouble with
his girlfriend and he …’ where I pretend to be asking for someone
else :wink:

A friend wants to re-surface a diamond grinding wheel. He’s not a
jeweller but he sonmehow has one to reface. I first of all suggested
that this is a job for the ‘experts’ - that is those in the trade who
do this for a living - but he’s adamant he wants to do it himself. He
asked me where he could get the diamond dust used to re-surface
diamond wheels.

I then thought of Orchid and the great wealth of potential
intelligence here.

Can anyone here help him?


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brian - what kind of wheel is it - a lap (thin flat) - a drum
(probably rubber about 4" to 8" dia by 1" to 3" wide at the edge)?
what is the wheel material - copper - iron - acrylic -wood - leather

  • pellon -?- ? what is the number of grit already on the wheel - (he
    can go to a coarser grit than what’s already on there, but he will
    have a pocketful of problems if he tries to go to a finer grit)? what
    kind of carrier does he want to hold the grit - wax - lube oil -?-? if
    he needs to recharge the wheel with something in the 600 grit range i
    can send a small container of it free if you let me know where - i
    have enough right now to grind down a small city & half of the
    suburbs. ive

The Lapidary Journal yearly buyer’s guide is must reference!
Crystalite Corp. 800.777.2894 They have dealers through out the
country. Lapcraft Inc 614.764.8993

Bombay Bazar 800.678.8450 Bombay has the lowest prices for quanity I’ve
found to date. Marcus Amshoff

Hi Brian,

Depending on the grit size in his wheel & the way the grit was
originally applied it might be possible.

Diamond in many grits is available from Hi Tech Diamond Products.
They make diamond laps etc. for cutting & polishing. They’re good
folks to do business with & if asked will probably give your friend
some advice. I have no connection with the company, just a very
satisfied customer. There address is:

Hi Tech Diamond Products
750 Easy Street
Simi Valley CA93065
Phone 805-522-6211
Fax 805-522-9056



I hope you get some response on this as I too am looking for an
industrial diamond grit source. I too would like to work on surfacing
rock cutting equipment. I think I will post this on a lapidary list
and a rockhound list and see what developes. If I get anything, I
will repost it back here.

John Dach

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BUY the lapidary journal! Daniel Lopacki Co 505-778-5529

ASM International 1-800-583-6163 diamond@polishing.com

This will be low cost material out of mainland China.

I buy all my Diamond powder thru Robert M Lambert at
--rml@rml-gemstones.com. He has very good prices, and all the powder
is graded electronically. He carries 350 thru 50,000. If you don’t
mind, tell him I recommended him to you (never hurts)! Larry~
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