[Source] Diamiond coated files

Some years ago a friend gave me two diamond coated files to use on
stones. Sometimes, I will make a bezel, only to find, when I am
ready to set the stone that it is a smidgen too tight, even though
it seemed to fit the stone perfectly when I made it.

I use the diamond files on the edges of the stone to reduce it a bit
in size. Works perfectly as I am carful not to touch the face of the

The files are now almost totally worn down, and I would like to
replace them. However, a search on the internet showed many diamond
files available, but none like the ones I need. Mine are small, flat
files, no handles, coated on one side only, and measure 3/4" X 4"
and are a little less than 1mm thick. They are very thin.

I have two, one with coarse grit, the other fine grit, and I have
found them to be very useful when I need to reduce the size of a
stone just a wee bit, to make it fit the bezel.

Does anyone have any as to where I can get some of these

I spent a long time on the internet, but found nothing like the ones
I want.

Thanks in advance, Alma


Perhaps a needle file, barette shape would work for you. Karl Fisher
offers these individually and in a set of diamond files

Hope this is useful,
Linda Kaye-Moses

Alma, Check beauty supply. They sell diamond files.

A great file to use to refine the fit of a stone is a sapphire or
diamond nail file that you can get at most drug stores.


Thanks to everyone who responded both online and offline to my
question about diamond coated files. Wonderful recommendations, and
lots of options.

I will start my search for diamond coated nail files, and if I am
not successful, will try using lapidary belts, cut to size, or a
diamond coated wheel to use in my flexshaft.

Such great creative ideas. Thanks again to all of you. Alma

You can find diamond files at:


I buy a lot of my lapidary supplies from them and they are a good
resource to have. Rob

Rob Meixner

I tried the link as posted by Rob, and the site informed me that I
had requested I be shown no products. I then called to see what the
matter was. I reached a person on the other end. He was QUITE rude.
Has anyone else had this experience with KN?

Indian Jewelry Supply, ( http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep81vl ) has
small diamond files in 4 grits. Not sure if it is the file you are
looking for, but it is what I use for the same task. =) Carla Bryant

Sorry about the link, that is probably my fault. Look at their
website and search on diamond files. It should only take a second. I
have never had a bad experience with Kingsley North. They are not as
“polished” a customer service organization as some, but if you ask an
honest question, they will give you an honest answer. It may take a
while to find someone there who will be able to answer your question,
so be patient. Lapidary people are different from jewelry people. You
will notice from my business name that I live in both worlds. Give
them another try. Rob

Rob Meixner

After reading your post, Marrin Fleet, I too tried Kingsley North’s
web site and got this message: "Can’t find products by your request"
How extraordinary! Almost as if they don’t want my money, and that
can’t be true - can it?? Not Rob’s fault, of course - he obviously has
a good experience with them. Very odd.


Martin, Just on a whim I tried Rob’s link - unwanted symbols crept
into the link, and i had the same problem at first. Look on the left
side of the home page for KN; the search bar shows (on my computer)

Just put your cursor into the search box and erase the “%20”, so
that it just says “diamond files” - it will go right to the page.
Thanks, Rob - this looks like a good resource to know about. Good
prices on the files :slight_smile: Anne

You might try this link instead -

Rob’s link took me to a page that had filled in the search field for
diamind files, but somehow it didn’t copy correctly. I took his link
and found the general category, which is what I linked to above.

Thanks, Rob!!

As for general sources, I just go down the beauty aisle at a corner
store, big box or wherever. The ones I prefer are on a thin metal
base: the small tang is inserted into a translucent tan/brown handle.
The file gradually comes to a point, and leaves the last half inch
uncoated. I love them for both my nails and my jewelry pieces!


Glad you found the page. I was recently asked to polish a stone to
which someone had done exactly what this thread talks about. His
problem was that the file marks would show. My problem was that it is
not a good practice to just grind a stone until it fits unless you go
back and go through the whole process that made the stone polished in
the first place. I say this in part because it is the right thing to
do, from a customer point of view. They bought a polished stone. You
may also have caused small cracks or fissures in the stone that you
might not see until it is polished. I have had stones look perfect
when I was done cutting and polishing them only to have them crack
after a few days. You are causing new stresses in a stone when you
grind and polish them and it is good to wait a bit to see if they
crack before you set them in a piece of jewelry. This all requires
that you are both lapidary and a metalsmith or know someone who can
do the lapidary for you. I am both and I have a lot of fun cutting
and polishing freeform stones and then making the jewelry into which
they go. Sometimes I do it the other way around. Either way, the
stone gets polished and is given time to settle before it is set. Rob

Rob Meixner