[Source] Delron plastic sinusiodal stakes

Hi all - I’m hoping you can give me some advise. I just started
taking a class in anticlastic raising. Unfortunately, there are 12 in
the class and 2 stakes available. I understand that there are ones
made of Delron plastic that are much less expensive than the steel
ones. Can anyone advise me where I can purchase such an item, or
where I might have one made? Are there patterns available that I
could have a plastic one cut from? Thanks in advance for your help.



12 people and 2 stakes? Bad planning.

You can also use a piece of hard maple. Cut the grooves and sand it
to round off. I take a block, drill a series of large holes of
graduated size, cut the block in half lengthwise to get a half round
groove. I think there was a picture of a stake like this in a past
issue of Lapidary Journal article on Anticlastic Raising by Heiki
Sepa. Check the archives. Works well. I like it better than a delrin
stake. The better choice is a steel stake and delrin hammers. Delrin
blocks large enough for stakes are not inexpensive.

Where are you located? Contact me off list. I make stakes as I need

Bill Churlik

The better choice is a steel stake and delrin hammers. 

We manufacture a version of the delrin hammer for this use. Machined
on modern computer controlled equipment and using a USA produced
hard wood handle. It is a little buried on our site. Go to a2zcnc.com
then click on Order and then select the link for Delrin Hammer under
the A2Z CNC Machine Tools & Upgrades section. The design came from a
local instructor who learned forming from Heiki Sepa.

1530 W Tufts Ave Unit B
Englewood CO 80110
720 833-9300

Contact Tevel at Allcraft, 800-645-7124.

Daniel Culver

I think Michael Good may have some delrin sinusoidal stakes. I was in
a workshop he taught last March and I think he may have had some of
these to sell. I believe his studio is in Maine; you could Google him
for contact info.

Tracy in Boston

Hey Orchid List -

I couldn’t help noticing this discussion of delron (delrin?)
sinusoidal stakes etc, as well as the post by Tim from A2Z. I
believe Tim is speaking of a man named Travis Ogden. He owns a
jewelry supply store here in Denver and is a very experience forger/
former. He makes and sells steel sinusoidal stakes of varying curves,
as well as delrin hammers. He also sells delrin forms for making
spiculums. The prices for the sinusoidal stakes are quite good,
especially considering that he makes each one by hand himself. He
occasionally teaches anticlastic raising at the school I work at, as
well as teaching a workshop to make a hyperbolic paraboloid. I know
the stakes can be hard to find so I just wanted to lett everyone know
about him. The Naja can be found at najatools.com, or at

Joe Korth
Clear Creek Academy