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[Source] Custom quartz cabs

I have a need for some custom quartz cabs.

Some need to be round, but in larger sizes than I’ve been able to
find- in the 22mm to 13mm range.

Others need to be rectangular- ideally 29x22mm.

The round ones could be colored- citrine would work well. Or
rutilated or whatever. Perfect clarity is not really an issue there.
The sizes should be graduated with roughly 3mm difference, but
precision isn’t vital. A set would have 1 22mm, and 2 each of 19, 16,
and 13mm; I could use 1 set for sure, and possibly 1-2 more sets at
this point… plus maybe stand-alones in any of the sizes.

The rectangular ones- well, the clearer, the better, and they should
not be colored. I need maybe 5-7 of these.

Any sources! Thanks in advance!


Amanda Fisher