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[Source] Custom-made jewelry boxes

Fellow Orchidians:

Can anyone recommend a custom jewelry box maker? I’m making a large
bracelet/watch that requires a fine box. This reminds me of the time
I visited the conservatory department in the Smithsonian Institute’s
Natural History Museum. The specialists were trying to restore the
original jewelry boxes for the 18th Century French Crown jewelry (the
origin of the Hope Diamond). The boxes were wonderfully crafted with
elaborate hinges, clasps and silk lining.

That was a trade-craft I’ve never seen before.

Hi Kim, Not necessarily jewelry boxes, but about ten years ago I
came across a company in Arizona that would custom make any sort of
crazy wooden box you need (even hidden compartments if you want). I
had several maple job boxes made and they have worked out great! I
recently ordered a few more.These are the boxes I had them make,
with the dimensions listed. They come unfinished, so you would need
to varnish them yourself add lining etc.

If you’re interested in ordering any, or having them make any other
wooden box for you, here is the link to their site (just use the
Contact Us link and the bottom of the page). They are very easy to
work with, willing to make whatever you need and I appreciated the
fine craftsmanship.

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

You could try getting in touch with a book binding studio. They often
make slip cases and boxes to fit unique volumes. The necessary skills
would be the same, just a different type of object to be housed.