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[Source] Custom Charms

Does anyone know of a company that can manufacturer charms of
certain symbols? I need them manufactured in gold, silver, and
another material which I do not know the name of. It is black and
kind of looks like onyx because it is a shiny black type of
material. You find a lot of african symbols and jewelry made up of
this kind of material. If someone knows the name please forward it
to me and also if you know any companies who can make custom charms
for jewelers please let me know.


Try using a company that does cad-cam work. They will make a digital
image and then put it in wax form and then you can cast it yourself
or they can do it for you. The cost for this is variable,

We have contacted a lady in Southern California that does this work.
Her name is Jennifer Janiak-Ross. Her website is, and you can contact her by email at

We were going to have some class rings made, and the first one, due
to its intricacy was going to cost roughly 400 dollars, the second
and any others of the same style would have cost roughly a 100 each
for wax time.

Good luck!
Richard Jones
RJ Manufacturing
Cottonwood Jewelers
PO Box 668
Cottonwood, CA 96022
TEL (530) 347-9681
FAX (530) 347-9683