[Source] Crimp Beads in Bulk?

Anyone have a source for crimp beads in bulk? I don’t mean piddly
100 pcs packages, something like by the mass or by the ounce would be
a lot more useful for me.


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I think I saw them in bulk one time when I was in Beads Galore in the
Pheonix AZ area. You can find their phone or address in Lapidary

Hi! I would suggest contacting Marvin Schwab at the Bead Warehouse in
MD> Their number is (301) 565-0487 or Eastern Findings at their
website Eaternfindings.com. They are both really great to work with,
offering different products. You may want to lace a sample order with
both for heir crimp beads, as their styles are different and one may
be better for you than the other. Good Luck, Vera PS: I buy from both.

Do you want the base type crimps, or sterling or gold filled? Tube
type or the rounds? Eastern supply has all of the above. I just got a
2 gross order of both tube sterling and Gold fill (20/14K). I have not
found any place that sells a 14K tube crimp. Almost any place sells
the regular white or gold tone crimps, you can get as many packs as
you want to order at Eastern Findings. Prices are really good. Miki