[Source] Copper washers

Several interesting projects involve the use of copper washers. The
hardware stores around here have very few, and they are unbelievably
expensive. I looked on Google, but several sources were “Out of

Where can I get a variety of (solid) copper washers for a reasonable
price for both product and postage?

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman

From Beth Katz


Best, and least expensive place to buy copper washers is harbor
freight. http://www.harborfreight.com. Note that they only have a
few sizes and they are all packaged as “kit” in one container. There
is also Broward Bolt, 1560 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, Fl
954-960-1740. I suggest you call to see if they still have this item
in stock.

No affiliation, just a happy customer.
Beth Katz

From Judith Willingham

Hi Judy, I bought a box of various sizes of copper washers at Harbor
Freight. That was a while ago, but it’s a common item. I roll them
through my mill to create ovals and to impress patterns on them. Hope
this helps,

Judy in Kansas, where temps are supposed to drop below 40F tonight…
fall has fell!

From Veva Bailey

Try Harbor Freight. I bought whole kit of different sizes.

From Francesca

Harbor Freight has a box of assorted copper washers. I think I paid
6.00 for it last year.

From Lynne Lukert

Hi… I purchased the copper washer at harborfreight.com

From jesse brennan

I have bought some from Harbor freight;

mcmaster carr sells small ones but only in 10 packs at about 8 cents
plus each

try Boker’s if you want a lot of particular sizes They make to order


From Rick Copeland

Whenever I’m looking for an odd item and I want it cheap I check
Harbor Freight.

Copper washer assortment: http://tinyurl.com/26ukcz

Rick Copeland

don’t know what sizes or thickness you require, but us boatbuilders
use them a lot. They are called “roves” because rivets are rove
through them and then peened over to make a head.

In any case there are a variety available from Jamestown
Distributors in Rhode Island. Some are cupped or dished and others
are flat. The cupped ones are easily flattened with a single light
hammer blow if you need them flat. Yes they are expensive but they
are not “precious.” They are usually sold by weight, by the pound.

Look up Jamestown Distributors on the web. Roves will be found in
their on-line catalog under the category “Fastenings” Their telephone
ordering service is very friendly and efficient.

There are other boatbuilder suppliers but many of them get their
stock via J.D. and add their markup so they are more expensive -
sometimes double the price - so i always buy from JD even though I am
in Victoria BC.

btw - if you only need a few they can be made with hole punching
device - the kind that has a variety of different size dies and
punches. First punch a disc of the outside diameter needed. It will
have a tiny dimple or dent at its centre which you can use to locate
the smaller size punch you use to make the hole in the washer so it
is in the centre of the disc. i hope that’s clear.

Good luck


Check with McMasters supply. Their website is

Do a search for ‘copper washer’ and dig from there.

McMaster-Carr has a lot of different materials that I find difficult
to find locally, even in large metro areas.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV


Copper “burrs” are back up washers used with copper rivets in softer
materials (wood, leather).You can get them in a variety of sizes
from Jamestown (http://www.jamestowndistributors.com).

I’ve ordered their rose head copper boat nails and they are good

Also, have you checked Hanson Rivet? They have burrs
(Rivets, Riveting Tools and Equipment | Hanson Rivet & Supply Co) as well as a wide variety of
stock washer sizes/materials (Rivets, Riveting Tools and Equipment | Hanson Rivet & Supply Co).
I’ve never purchased from Hanson.

Hope this helps!
…who appreciates copper in all its forms…

I just bought a plastic container of copper washers in mixed sizes
at Harbour Freight. I don’t have the box in front of me, so I don’t
know the exact number of washers, but there are twelve compartments
in the box, so I am guessing that there were 120 washers enclosed.

They are solid copper and the cost was around $10 for the box. I
have soldered them with eutectic solder and am going to enamel on

Linda Lankford