[Source] Copper sheets

I might have missed it in an earlier note, but does anyone have a
favorite place to buy 26g, 6" X 36" copper sheets? Need only about 6
to 12 sheets, so it might be too small of an order to save much on.
Thanks for your help.

David in Louisville

many hardware stores sell it far cheaper than other vendors. try
there first… I paid about 8.60 for a sheet 22 g., 12" x 14" about 3
mos. ago and doubt the price has changed much… (Baldwin-Taylor
hardware store in New Orleans LA if you wanted to order it from them)


Here are a couple of sites that I had bookmarked. No affiliation or
vested interest…


Like a good hardware store, a treat to look around in.


The most reasonable place that I have found for the copper sheet, 26
gauge, is Indian Jewelry Supply in New Mexico.


They will cut that sheet into thirds if you so desire or ship it in
the 6 x 36 size. Once your each a certain amount of sheets in the
36" length, the price do decrease per item, but shipping can be
expensive. The catalog I have states that there is a price break
after 5-9 sheets and then again in 10+. 800- COP36 is part number.
This is listed as shipping weight of 1.15 pounds per one sheet of
the 26 gauge 6 x 36. They have always been great about shipping
promptly and my metal has always arrived in perfect condition. They
also have several carriers for shipping, and will compare shipping
estimates if you ask. No affiliation, just a happy camper.

Beth Katz, Unique Solutions, Inc.

does anyone have a favorite place to buy 26g, 6" X 36" copper
sheets? Need only about 6 to 12 sheets, so it might be too small of
an order to save much on. 

Try Indian Jewelers Supply.

Judy Bjorkman

McMurray Metals in Dallas TX is a great place for big copper orders,
and they’ll do medium sized ones too (say, 6 strips 6" by 36") but
you may not save over Indian Jewelers Supply unless you order a lot.
What I don’t like about the Cu from IJS is that it’s ‘desd soft’, and
is what I have to call mushy compared to the 1/8- 1/4 hard material
from McMurray. The good ol boys will shear strips to order and they
have a very fair charge for that, and ship ups. They sell by the
pound, so you save ridiculous amounts over those little pre-packaged
6" by 12" pieces I’m sure some of you know I’m referring to. They are
a big warehouse industrial operation, and are not used to jewelery
sensibilities in some areas; the shears aren’t adjusted for thin
stock, so the strips can have small lips, and things get handling
scuffs and scratches, but when you pay $5.00 a pound for 50 lbs.,
plus about 10 for shearing and 10 for packing, plus UPS, you save a
bundle. Shop around though, IJS and Thunderbird Supply (also in
Gallup NM (for shipping) don’t do too bad on bulk metal, large
amounts. Anything over about a half of a 3 foot by 8 foot sheet, I
send all my people to McMurray.



I’m not sure where you’re located. But if you’re anywhere near
Southern California try Industrial Metal Supply Industrial Metal
Supply Co. - Copper. Or someplace like this where you live to get
copper sheet. Its like going to a metal candy store. They can cut
sheet to size for you for a nominal charge…

Oh, and one other thing…

When going to a place like Industrial Metal Supply - ALWAYS CHECK
OUT THE SCRAP BINS! Many Goodies in there.


Have to agree, you’re far better off going to industrial supplier
for your sheet copper needs. Also they have textured and embossed
copper sheet that you might find of interest.