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[Source] Copper or brass rivets and bolts


My partner Kate and I own a small bead and jewelry supply store in
Northern Canada and finding wholesalers can be a bit of a problem.
So does any one know of a good wholesaler that can supply copper,
brass, silver etc rivets and bolts.

Also we wold like to have rivet sets. We’ve also noticed the new
"Craft Findings" rivet system, does anyone know the wholesaler for
them? Or is there other systems out there?

Chris and Kate

I have been making lots of leather bracelets with my metal working I
would love more bead stores to carry rivets and Chicago screws. I
ran into someone who made a garment using what she called easy rivets
that she purchased at a leather store. You can always search etsy or
the following leather store which has rivets and chicago screws

I also think snaps are a good idea. I have had a terrible time
attaching snaps to leather in a secure way until I accidentally ran
across the snapsetter tools from snapsource. Finally my leather
bracelets open and close securely.

Best of luck

If you are looking for copper and brass fasteners in quantity, the
best bet is Centaur Forge.

They primarily cater to the horse tack and
harness/blacksmith/farrier community. I usually buy 5 pounds of the
various rivet, grommet, and snap sizes every few years.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL

Also MSC (on line) locates in S. CA has a HUGE inventory of just
about any/everything…including copper and brass Fasteners…

John Dach