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[Source] Copper/brass sheet source in massachusetts

hey orchid i’m wondering if anyone knows any good sources for large
copper or brass sheet in the Massachusetts area? i used to use the
metal source at admiral metals for my sheet stock but i recently
heard that the metal source may have been shutdown. can anyone
confirm this or is it still possible to get stock from them? thank
you -david

I just had occasion to use Metals Supermarket recently (also in
Woburn). They were phenomenal. I bought a bunch of pre-cut 2"x2.5"
mild steel practice plates from them. During the course of the phone
conversation I asked if they had a bath to clean the plates up (they
didn’t). When I went to pick it up, I was steeled (sic) for a box of
grimy, slimy plates. I was surprised to find that they had cleaned
and de-burred everything so that I didn’t have to deal with it.
Great service, pricing was good. Bob

There are manufacturers around here (wisconsin) that stamp sheets
and The leftovers end up at a steel scrap yard. Big sheets, cheap.
Might be an option for you with a little investigation. It’s also fun
to look around scrap yards.

You may want to contact Copper & Brass Sales in Lincoln Rhode
Island, I believe they have an online resource for buying "smaller"
amounts (not tons) but I can’t remember the web address.

Stephen Guyot