[Source] Copper and brass wire

I cannot find a site or company that sells copper & brass wire for
wire wrapping. Looking for 22g & 24g 1/2 hard in both metals & also
1/2 round 1/2 hard in both copper 7 brass. Can anyone help. I’m at my
wits end.


http://www.brandywinejewelrysupply.com do brass and copper wire for


I’m afraid you’ll have a real problem trying to find different
shapes of copper wire. Round wire is everywhere, especially at the
home improvement stores. Square and half-round, however, is
completely another story. Brass wire you may be able to find at
www.wire-sculpture.com, Preston Reuther’s site. He will probably have
whatever variations of copper that are available too.

Sterling silver wire is not that terribly expensive. I pay about $13
an ounce, and depending on the gauge, that can be a lot of wire
(approx. 20ft in 24 ga.). Copper tarnishes so badly, so quickly, that
I just won’t use it unless a customer begs for it. All of the major
supply houses carry sterling silver and is very easy to find.

Good luck in your search!


I bought copper wire at my local hardware store. Haven’t looked for

I seem to find only these wires when I was looking for real gold and
real silver lol let me help you out…

Have you tried Corfil in Montreal? I get my fine stainless from
them. I think there is a website.


Go to Indian jewelers supply http://www.ijsinc.com they have gold,
silver, red brass, yellow brass, and nickel brass wire in shapes.
unfortunately they have copper only in round wire.


I don’t have a source but if you have access to a rolling mill or a
drawplate, you can run or pull as the case may be, two round wires
at the same time and finish with two half round wires. Draw plates
are not terribly expensive and can have shaped holes that are not

marilyn smith