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[Source] Connemara marble

I am looking for a 16-20mm heart shaped cab of Connemara Marble (or
the rough needed to cut one). I don’t currently have a reliable
source for this material and want to make sure I work with someone
reputable. Any suggestions orsources would be greatly appreciated!

Alaina Burnett

As far as I know you can only buy the marble in Ireland and getting
some to the US has been somewhat of a problem since I started
selling Celtic jewelry and Celtic festivals and fairs in 2005. If I
remember correctly it cost somewhere around 2k to import which is
still out of my reach financially. If you do find a source let me
know please. Thanks and good luck.


I only wanted little bits of Connemara marble and bought an old ash
tray and cut it up.


I only wanted little bits of Connemara marble and bought an old
ash tray and cut it up. 

Several years ago I was given a few months to live. One of the
things on my bucket list was a trip to Ireland. My son does web
creation for B+B’s and hooked my wife and I up with an itinerary for
a drive trip around part of the island. My family came from the
county Louth, so after visiting the little Village of Louth, we
headed over to the coast to a B+B in the Clifden area. Our host was
kind enough to direct us to a closed mine not far from the house. The
road was a tractor path for the farmer to harvest peat, but at the
top of the mountain (hill) there was a radar beacon, so easy to find.
Just before the top we found the defunct mine. A few of the old
pieces of equipment were still there, but they had begun to run into
mostly limestone. There were huge blocks of marble, as big as our
car, but there were also plenty of little pieces of marble on top of
the ground. We collected a few of the small pieces, while dreaming of
ways to purchase and ship some of the big chunks back to the states.
We also found little chunks for sale in town, that were left overs
from countertop cutouts and other manufactured products. They were
not cheap, but tourism was the market they were hitting, and the
colors were some beautiful greens. I tried to get them home by
putting the rocks in my carry on bag, but they ran them through the
x-ray… I digress as usual. My point (there was one) is we have a
lot of Irish brethren that are in the Orchid family. Maybe one of
them could find that little farm road (take a four wheel drive), or
stop by one of the shops, and pick up some pieces for those willing
to pay for them. Thomas III By the way, the doctors were wrong, that
was eight years ago.

Dear All,

Here is one of the only sources of Connemara marble you will find.

Your welcome very much,
Todd Hawkinson