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[Source] Conflict free diamond suppliers

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I have a jewelry business and I constantly
use fine quality diamonds for my designs. I have been trying to find
a reliable “Conflict Free” diamond sources, especially the mines
from Canada. But I have had hard time finding them. In the past, I
have been using an Indian diamond company based in Hong Kong. Their
diamond prices increased by 40% compared to a few months ago, and
the quality is usually lower than what they stated. Can anyone
recommend several reliable “conflict free” diamond wholesale
suppliers-good prices, trustworthy? Preferably if they deal with
mines in Canada…

Thank you all. I will be very grateful to get any recommendations!


canada diamonds is a source that I have used.


I have been a customer of Diaco USA for several years and found them
to be very reliable for better quality goods. They are the US office
for a Toronto firm, and offer both Canadian and African stones. Call
Padma at 704-321-5050.

Jon Michael Fuja