[Source] Concave letter stamps


Anyone out there in Orchid Land know of a source for letter stamps
that, instead of the letters being raised on the stamp, the letters
are indented. Although these would be useless on metal sheet, they
would be very interesting for use with polymer clay or metal clay.

Thanks for any help with this,

I have seen mirror image stamps. They are the regular “out” style
stamp but a mirror image of a regular stamp (i.e. since a regular
stamp is mirror image the mirror image stamp look normal). I have
seen these at one of the usual stamp company - infinitystamps or
microstamp USA, etc. To get the stamp you want you use these “mirror
image” stamps to make tooling (which would be indented). Your tooling
could be mild steel or brass or whatever. Then you use your tool to
mark the PMC.

Wow that sounded confusing :-).

Jon Daniels
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