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[Source] Company for manufacturing - help

I am currently researching to outsource my manufacturing on a medium
scale. Does anyone know of a company that does great work, honest
and not expensive. I know that might be asking a lot…look forward
to the lists

I am new to the list, my name is Shirra.

Thanks again.

Hi Shirra, We do a lot of finished product manufacturing for many
designers. We have a massive amount of capabilities including high
quality mold making, Model making, casting in gold,
silver,bronze/brass and white metal as well as stamping,Machine
engraving , cnc/cad, hardfired enameling,soldering ,vibratory,
magnetic polishing and a full staff for handpolishing.We also do
bezel stone setting and various other manufacturing as well .
Primarily , Our business is service related to the industry and we
don’t compete with our customers. We have a small line of our own
producing racecar jewelry and we are a badge manufacturer for police,
fire, military and corporate related jewelry. Our pricing is
reasonable and very high quality. We do quantities from custom 1 off
pieces to runs as high as 10,000 pcs Please contact us off list if you
are interested.
Tel: 401-461-7803
Daniel Grandi

hi shirra, i work for a jewelry company in rhode island. we do
contract manufacturing many designers here in the u.s.a.&
internationally. please contact me if you are interested in having us
quote or make samples of your designs. thanks