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[Source] Colored Gold


Can anyone tell me if colored golds (rose, green, etc.) are
available as sheet material?

If so, I’d appreciate a bit of help. Haven’t been able to track
it down anywhere.

Thanks -


Yes they are. Try Hoover and Strong in Virginia although all
gold refiner/manufacturers should be able to offer you this


Hi Gene, Yes, I have two sources of colored gold in sheets for
you. Hoover & Strong 10700 Trade Rd Richmond, Va. 23236 1 800
759 9997. Best prices and excellent service,and Stullers P O Box
87777 Lafayette LA 70598 1 800 877 7777. Little pricier, but
they send in stock items out next day delivery for the same price
I pay for 3 day delivery elsewhere. Just part of their service
program. Hope this helps you Dess


Hi Daniel My reply got lost in the mail…We have used Swest
(they have three locations). 800 527 5057

Hoover and Stron has the colored gold in stock. Any of those is a
good company in our experience