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[Source] Colored Diamonds

Does anyone know of a good supplier of colored (treated)
diamonds in the U.S.? I know of only one supplier and he hasn’t
been able to provide the yellow diamond that I need (it’s been
more than a month). And, of course, my customer called last
week and would like to have the engagement ring sooner!

Jonna Brandon
Columbus, OH

An unusual sighting this a.m. in my neighborhood (urban) park -
two great blue herons - one perched in a tree top.

Hello Jonna,

Go to : 

or contact : The American Diamond Syndicate 
fax (212)391-0589.

Best regards,


Hi Jonna, For colored diamonds, you might try Manak Jewels at:
999 Brannan St. Suite 207, San Francisco, CA 94103. Tel:(415)
225-4768, Fax: (415) 225-0654. I’ve found them to be a reliable
source for diamonds and specifically colored diamonds.

Good Luck,

Lisa(I hate daylight savings time) Topanga, CA USA

Joanna you should avail yourself of the American Gem Trade
Association’s gem dealer list. Has lots of people listed and the
best thing is they are all obligated to tell you if the stone is
natural or not. If you don’t know how to contact them (they are
in Dallas) email me back and I’ll get their phone number. (My
computer is at home not at my store so this stuff isn’t at my
fingertips,) But why don’t you sell her a natural yellow
diamond. They are quite plentiful these days. And they are
NATURAL. (i.e. worth more money)