[Source] Coin silver wire

Hello friends,

I’m looking for .010 coin silver (.900) round wire. Hauser & Miller
is the only supplier I know of in the U. S., but they only have it
sheet form which I’d have to trim and draw. That’s fine, if I have
to, but I would of course prefer the wire already dead soft. Any

Jeff Herman

Best source for raw coin silver is your local coin shop. I went to
mine recently and found out that 0.900 silver is readily available by
weight in pre-1967 US coinage. With a rolling mill for sheet and
wire, and you can have whatever coin silver stock you desire.

Hello Andrew,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a rolling mill. I think I’d like to put
this need to rest. I appreciate the help. Initially I was looking for
a SUPPLIER of.010" dead soft coin silver wire. I just needed two
ounces. I honestly know how to make it myself, but that’s not what I
was looking to do.

Thanks anyway.

Jeff Herman


As long as you’re aware that the US coinage you’re using is NOT
sterling ( which is .925 fine silver). Your local coin shop also
carries pure silver (.999) coins, at least my local ones do, which
they sell for slightly over spot price. That’s as cheap as you can
buy it. We alloy ours with United Metal’s S57NA master alloy to make
a dreamy low-to-no fire-scale and very low tarnish sterling which is
wonderful to roll, draw, and fabricate with.

Our castings come out so clean they don’t even need pickling!

Alloying your own sterling is super easy to do if you have an
accurate scale.

Jay Whaley