[Source] Chrome tourmaline

Dear All,

I’m looking for a small chrome tourmaline- 2mm to be exact. We also
might need to source 2.25mm chrome tourmaline, depending on what our
client decides. We are working with existing rings (so sizes will be
critical) and matching existing stones, so changing over to the more
readily available tsavorite is not really an appealing option.

Any sources you might suggest? So far I’ve come up empty.

Thanks to all.

davidlee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401

Try Tim Roark in Atlanta…1-888-Tim-Rock. I don’t know for sure if
they have it, but it’s worth a call. But wait till next week, as they
are in Denver for the show.

Matthew Crawford


Try Dikra in NYC dikragem.net There is a contact phone #on their

Good Luck

Dear All,

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to my search for a 2mm
chrome tourmaline. Many vendors have chrome, but I was having
trouble finding it small enough. Daniel Spirer suggested I try Boston
Gems, and they had a great parcel of the very goods I need.

Thanks again to you all.

Brenda Nesheim-Fuller
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401