[Source] Chocolate diamond

I am looking for a chocolate diamond for an engagement ring. Has
anyone bought from alphaimports.com? can you recommend a place to
find one? I’m in San Francisco, do you know any place here in the

thanks for your help

We’ve bought from AlphaImports…sometimes their good are fine. How
quality vs. price is your customer? For really good gems I’ve found
that James Alger CO. has consistently come through- has certified as
well and knows his stones as far as the heat and other treatments
they’ve been through.

Good luck-Rona

Has anyone bought from alphaimports.com? 

I have dealt with them. I have no complains.

Leonid Surpin.

I’ve bought from Alpha Imports many a time. Definately since the
early 70’s and I think even in the late 60’s. They have a huge
selection, good prices but I prefered to select in person either at
their place or at a show. They have a wide range in quality for the
same price per carat. They do shows all over the country.

Judy Shaw