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[Source] Cheapest metals supplier

Greetings everyone,

Does anyone know the cheapest supplier to order stock from? I need
sterling sheet, half round, wire etc… I’ve heard Hoover & Strong is
good; Anyone do any price checking? Any would be much

Thanks again,

All dealers calculate the spot plus their own fabrication and
cutting charges. So what you need to compare for yourself is the
different suppliers fabrication fees and then the shipping policies.
all are about the same - I recommend Hoover and Strong, I live in the
eastern half of the US. Also realize tha some secondary vendors buy
from, say Hoover and Strong and resell the products from that
manufacturer (olders for instance, and the secondary vendors are
Jewelers Supply Houses like Contenti, Kassoy, Livasays, Rosenthal’s
etc.). Bottom line: all manufacturers have their own colour formulas
for golds, and matching solder colours to metals is a point to
consider as is customer service (H&S wins in that department in my
experience with them over many many years), and product quality.
Stuller looses in my experience and the rest fall into the middle of
that continuum. D. H. Fell is nearest Stuller, Hauser and Miller
second to Hoover and Strong. No doubt everygoldsmith will have a
differeing opinion. Ultimately the research is yours to do.


Indian Jewelers Supply 800-545-6540 and Thunderbird 800-545-7968
( are my two silver supply sources that I have
used for years. They sell silver priced at the spot market plus a per
ounce fabrication fee. The more troy ounces you order give you price
breaks on the fabrication fee. I like Thunderbirds website. It lets
you play with different quantities and estimates a price including
price breaks. With IJS it is better to call them. Their website
leaves something to be desired.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I did a comparison of sheet silver of Hauser and Miller, Rio and
Indian Jeweler Supply awhile back. H&M was way high, rios price break
was about one step behind IJS in other words Rios 100 oz price was
the same as IJS oz 50 price.