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[Source] Cheap damascus billet

Hey im looking around for a cheap source of Damascus billets for
knife blades. im going to be doing stock removal instead of forging
so delamination will not be as much of an issue. in particular i am
interested in anyone selling wholesale. ive thus far been forging
the Damascus billets myself and using the stock to make custom
blades. but since i don’t have a power hammer or hydraulic press i
cant charge enough to make selling them profitable. but im hoping if
i can get the steel prepatterned i will only have to focus my time on
the engraving and finish of the knife.

thank you

Have you tried Atlanta Cutlery?

go for cheap (& I mean cheap!) Indian blanks. but you get what you
pay for & might be the main reason your not getting the monies you
should be getting for your work. ain’t globalization fun…3rd world
crap kills markets… :stuck_out_tongue:

You might try He makes
knifemaker stock for you to pattern yourself.

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

Have you tried Atlanta Cutlery? 

Atlanta is one of the best…

Ancient Atms, out of India, has the lowest prices for damascus
billets and blade blanks. As to quality, you’ll need to do cutting
tests yourself. Happily the stock is inexpensive enough that you can
waste a bit without feeling much of a pinch.

FYI, the Turkish and Persian swords that came to be know as
"Damascus steel" in the West were made in India. They’re called
Damascus for the same reasons that the beautiful straw hats woven in
Ecuador are called Panama.

Elliot Nesterman