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[Source] Chandelier Finding


I am looking for the following finding at a wholesale price. I am
willing to buy hundreds of it, if the price is right. I see it all
the time in retail jewelry stores that cater to hobbyists, but their
prices are extremely high. Any advice about this would be great. I
have seen it in silver and would be willing to buy it in gold
vermeil as well. Thanks so much. I am resending this email with a
link to one site that had it, because the other picture that I sent
does not seem to have gone through.

I’d be grateful for any advice that you all might have on this.


#2 (silver) (brass, but maybe you
could get someone to cast them in silver for you)

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry



I am looking for the following finding at a wholesale price. 

Fire Mountain Gems has a dozens or hundreds of similar findings in
sterling, gold-plated, “antiqued” base metals, etc. Go to and scroll
about half-way down the page, click on the different types of metal
to see what they have, then call them for their discount pricing on
quantities over 100. Ask about getting a small quantity first to
evaluate the quality and whether or not the style will work for your
designs – you may have to order at their regular prices and return
the ones you don’t want (no problem with them), but they might work
with a potential large purchaser in some other way.

Hope this helps.

Zemyna Designs
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA


These look like Guyot products. You can find them at



If some one is looking for chandelier wires and bows I have
thousands in brass and some in white metal.



We can manufacture almost any design in Chandelier finding at quite
lower cost however the courier charges could be bit higher. If you
consider getting it Beads of Findings of your design and dimensions,
only if you order more quantities per style or more total quantities,
it would be very cheaper. The payment methods and delivery times
would appear bit awkward initially but once you have your unique
findings manufactured that might give you tremendous satisfaction. We
also do Yellow and Rose Gold plating. Our website

Vivek Shah
for Karma Enterprise