[Source] Ceramic glazes

hello everyone, does anyone know the addresses of any ceramic glaze
manufacturers? thanks David

Hi check in your yellow pages under Pottery Suppliers…there are
many. Lynn Robinson (a potter who dabbles at jewellery)

David, The American Art Clay Co., Inc., also known as AMACO, has an
extensive line of low and high fire glazes, underglazes, lusters and
clays. They also have enameling supplies and products like Friendly
Plastic and Fimo. Phone number is 1-800-374-1600. The address is :
4717 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222. You can find their products
in many general arts supply catalogues too. Linda M


In response to your question, I know of many ceramic glaze
manufacturers. Ihave been working in clay for over 15 years. Here
are a couple of starts:

                 Seattle Pottery Supply (Seattle WA)
                 Alpha Ceramics (Sacramento CA)
                 Leslie's Ceramics (Berkeley, CA)

I do not have the phone numbers with me here, but you can call
If you need any specific glaze questions answered,
please feel free to contact me directly: @sharon_bloom

There is AMACO, in Indianapolis. Probably has the largest range and
selection. If you live in are near a major metropolitan area, there
should be a good clay supplier to get glazes through. Check with your
local university/art school, too.

L.J. Smole