[Source] Cast bronze rod

hi everyone,

could anyone please recommend somewhere i might be able to find cast
bronze rod? It will actually be used in a tiling application, not
metalsmithing, as a decorative rail of sorts, im looking for 1/4 in
1/4 round (like a wedge) or just round if i cant find any


I’m sure there are lots of sources out there for bronze rod,
however, here’s one resource that’s easy to use and they deliver:

Good luck!
Mike McCoy


has bronze rod. Search “bronze” in the search space.

Kay Taylor

Heather and all of Orchid,

  • Bearing Bronze has been my source for all styles and forms of
    bronze products for many years due top their large inventory of all
    bronze alloys and expeditious service even though they are in Canada.

their email address is www.bearingbronze.com
their physical address 360 Sheldon Dr.
Cambridge On Canada N1T1A9

In the US

  • National Bronze and Metals in Houston Tx is one of the largest in
    the US and they can be reached at 1-800-231-0771 or 713-869-9600.
    their email is sales@nbmetals.com, or website : www.nbmetals.com

  • Farmers Copper is also a dealer that will sell smaller lots to
    non-industrial customers.They offer 11 types of bronze ( though I’m
    betting you are after silicon bronze( a.k.a. C655 ) or C220
    -commercial bronze which is really a brass.They can be reached at
    1-800-231-9450 their website is www.farmerscopper.com.They have
    locations in galveston and Houston Tx.

If you need a local reference feel free to contact me off list and I
will be happy to recommend someone in your area that can deliver
same day or that you can go to their showroom and speak directly with
a sales person and discuss your application and their abilities to
meet your needs. Farmers will anneal their products as does
NBmetals… That is a factor to keep in mind as if you have to make
bends or apply to odd angles an annealed product ( strip) is easier
to work with than an “as is” strip in lengths of 8 ft. A division of
my company deals in custom millwork ( we manufacture it ) and as such
participate in the Metals Directory.If you like you can refer to it
for a source in your area :


Hope this helps…rer

Sources for iron and steelWhile searching for forgable iron, I came
upon this site with what seems to be a very comprehensive list of
iron andsteel suppliers. All over the US and a few foreign sources.


Linda Lankford