[Source] Carved stone

I am looking for a stone, most probably a cabochon cut with a flat
top that can be top center drilled to take a small gold carving, has
a Mediterreanean blue color, will be octagonal in shape, and then set
in a signet (or “class”) ring. I think that agate would be the best
stone to dye and cut to get the shape and color. Does anyone know
who does this sort of work - a good lapidary?? Thank you in advance
for the help. Alexis

You might consider using LAPIS for your blue stone. The color is
natural, it is easy to cut, and is relatively inexpensive. Will E.

I remember seeing a german lapidary firm that was selling flat, buff
top, and full cabochon calibrated ovals in many standard stones
(lapis, onyx, clear quartz, etc.) with all kinds of of symbols &
monograms ultrasonically carved intaglio (recessed) and filled with
hot-stamped gold leaf. The exhibit both at the MJSA EXPO in NY and
at both Tucson shows; and they will put custom logos or designs from
your artwork in stones of your choice even in very small runs 10 to
20 stones for a very nominal charge over their inexpensive stock
pieces. Maybe someone on Orchid will know their business name?

I beleive you are looking for Fritz Mohr Co. - they have an office in
Providence - their # is at my office - I’ll look it up tomorrow if you
need it