[Source] Canadian diamond dealers

Hello friends,

I am looking for an honest and reputable dealer in Canadian mined
diamonds that can be purchased in the U.S. I would only want high
quality, well cut, and competitively priced stones. Anyone 'out there
have experience with this, and are they as good a quality as the
"other diamonds"?


I have been using Diaco USA for many years as a good source for
Canadian diamonds, very reliable and easy to work with. Contact
Padma at 704-321-5050. Located in Charlotte, NC. No affiliation, just
satisfied customer.

Jon Michael Fuja

I use Northam Diamonds and I am happy with anything that I have
purchased from them.

Good luck and take care,
Paul LeMay.

As of today, “Birk’s” jewellery store here in Toronto will be selling
diamonds mined in this province. These are the best ever seen and the
word on the street is that they are even cleaner than those mined in
Lethoso, S.A. To say that they are above “clean and in quality” is an

So far Toronto diamond dealers are saying that these Canadian “mined
and cut” in Ontario, Canada are way above those mined anywhere
around the world. Starting today, the total allotment to this store
is only 100 carats. As the pricing might be about 10-15% higher for
being locally cut and polished, but this fully Canadian owned
high-end store will absorb those extra costs involved.

Gerry Lewy