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Hi all, I use a lot of Sterling silver 8x6mm Cabtite mounts in a
range of rings that I make, and I’d really like to know who
manufactures these useful little things, as my supplier doesn’t list
them anymore and I may soon need 500 or so. I’ve tried Googling for
them, but only turn up loads of references to finished items that
include them as settings, or a totally unrelated cable gizmo. Any
help would be most appreciated.

Steve Holden
Plata y Flores

hello, Fire Mountain Gems carries Cab-Tite in sterling and gold

Lee’s Manufacturing Co.
Providence Rhode Island
1-800-821-1700 Toll Free

they can give you a quote for a wholesale purchase that should beat
any vendor you are using. If you need assistance feel free to contact
me and I’ll help any way i can in the ordering or posting to you.


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Try Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. firemountaingems.com They have what
you are looking for.


Fire Mountain Gems carries the 8x6 cabtite, but only pendant and
earring mounts. (So you’d have to trim away the posts and bails.)

They discount the price by about 50 percent if a large volume is


200+ of pendant mounts = $2.05 each
200+ of earring mounts = $3.30/pair

I have no affiliation, financial or otherwise, with Fire Mountain


Sterling Silver Earring Cabochon Mounting - Fire Mountain Gems and

Tony Konrath

I did a quick search on Google. Found these, you can check them out,
they may have what you are looking for.


This may be a better bet for finding what you are looking for.
Hoover and Strong - They cater to jewelry professionals. You can
order online or by telephone with a credit card.

They are great to deal with.

Hope this helps.
DeMoy Jewelry Designs

Have you checked Tripps? tripps dot com

Bobbie Horn

Many thanks to all who posted suggestions…I’ll see what works,
Orchid is so great isn’t it…we are not alone :slight_smile:


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