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[Source] Cable neckwires

I’ve been trying to order some sterling and gold plate cable
neckwires from this company Argent-Pol in Poland. They come every
year to Tucson in the Holodome, and they are from Poland and don’t
speak English. They have e-mail and a website, they have gotten back
to me, but my order is “lost in translation”. Is there anyone on
this list that can help translate for me (or can find another source
for these neckwires)? I have several orders for these and really
need them soon.

Wendy Newman

Hi, Wendy,

I can’t help you with your Polish, but maybe this will be of use–
Last night, I was going through business cards I collected at the
SNAG conference. One is from a vendor whose cables I liked. The
company is Bluebird Ltd, at 503 281-4101 in Portland, OR. I wrote
down an email address of No evidence of a web
site. Good luck!


Wendy, you might try Metalliferous (
They have a good selection of sterling neckwires.