[Source] Business card suppliers

Hi all-

I am looking for online ordering for business cards. Anyone want to
recommend their favorite company? I have used vistaprint several
times in the past, and am happy with their quality, but I am looking
for a heavier stock glossy card.

Namaste, Ande
Andes Cruz Designs

There was a very recent thread called ‘Business card hints’, I think
it was, where a number of people posted their favorite printers,
online and local.

I like


Helping You Make Your Best Impression in Clay


I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Find a local
printer to work with. They give better service, you don’t have to pay
shipping, and you can request the paper you want.

We have a local printer who is doing amazing things right now. Her
and her husband see a lot of people asking for heavier card stock
with a semi-gloss on the front. People love it, but there are several
types of gloss on the front that you would be looking at in person to
see how they look and feel, how other cards made similarly look and
feel. It puts you in a position to make a knowledgeable decision.


Overnightprints.com prints on a really nice heavy cardstock, heavier
than most of the other online printing companies and does UV gloss
coating for no extra charge. I’ve been really really happy with their
services and have used them a number of times.


I’ve been away for a few days so this is late but why don’t you look
for a local small printer who you can give the business to instead of
some huge entity on line that you can have no personal contact with
(you know sort of like how you would like your customers to spend
their money–at your local store, or the small local gallery carrying
your work).

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