[Source] Buddha pendant

Try here

Or here http://www.chains-and-charms.com

Or just do a google search for 14K gold Buddha charms. Any charm of
that size, may look cheap. Doesn’t mean it is. But the above two
place have some, well, charming charms. :slight_smile:

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Hi Janis, there are many many nice Buddha pendants in

Asian jewelry stores, where are you located? Los Angeles China Town,
San Francisco, also China town or Japan town. Many places offer in
all karats of gold.

Hope this helps. D
Dee Rouse Huth T
California Institute of Jewelry

Just for the fat “Buddha” or Laughing Buddha is not
really a representation of the historic Buddha. Rather it is a figure
from China known as Hotei. The way I see it, the Hotei has about the
same relation to the Buddha as Santa Claus has to Jesus. So if you
are looking for something for a reasonably serious Buddhist
practitioner, you would be way ahead to stick with a Buddha in a
meditation posture rather than the fat Hotei. At least as a kind of
serious Buddhist practitioner, that would certainly be my preference.

Gassho Jim

Hotei is the Japanese name, for Budai, and he is not the Buddha. He
is, instead, based on an eccentric Chinese Zen monk who lived at the
time of the Liang Dynasty. His figure, almost always shown smiling or
laughing with arms out, is representative of contentment, happiness
and abundance. You could almost say he’s the Buddhist equivalent to
Bacchus. Though the Greek god wine and intoxication, Bacchus was also
known to represent contentment, happiness and abundance. This has
been a short FY for your amusement. And now, back to your regular
programming. :slight_smile:

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