[Source] Bronze sheet metal

Hi, Is there anyone who could offer a good source for bronze sheet
metal. I’m an art metals teacher at a high school and I always have
requests from students for bronze. So far I have not had much
success in finding a good source.

Robert Michalski

As I recall, Atlas Metal in Denver Carrie it. There Is also a
supplier in Chicago- I’ll let you know if I can remember who.

Atlas Metal Sales 
1401 Umatilla Street, Denver, CO 80204 
(303) 623-0143

Hi Robert, Try T.B. Hagstoz in Philadelphia. I’ve gotten good
quality bronze sheet (as well as brass and copper and, of course,
silver and gold) from them. You can reach them at 800-922-1006 (out
of state) or 215-922-1627. Fax is 215-922-7126.

Good luck and have fun!
Karen Goeller

Hi Robert,

 Is there anyone who could offer a good source for bronze sheet

Try MSC (mscdirect.com). They’re an industrial supply house & their
catalog (2002-2003) lists several different sizes (widths,
thicknesses & lengths) on pages 1788 & 1809.

No affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.


Robert, Look in the Orchid Archives. I asked the same question a
while ago this year and got many good responses.


Another excellent source for bronze is Metalliferous in NY. Try
their site at www.metalliferous.com.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

Hi all,

I am looking for bronze sheet metal, because I love bronze, but I do
mostly fabrication and don’t own any casting equiptment. I have
bought the casting grain and I use it for accents, but I would really
love some sheets! Any ideas? Thanks!

Lauren Stineman