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[Source] Blue jasper slab


Does anyone know where to buy cobalt blue jasper slab with pale blue
and cream streaks? Thanks and Happy New Year.


Mary, you can experiment by looking at what’s offered on Ebay under
the name sodalite. That would be my first guess re what the material
is. My second guess would be denim lapis; third, dumortierite.

Ebay is a good place to start for just eyeballing material until
you’re more certain what you’re looking for, Then, you can google
around to see who might be selling it.

Good luck,

Mary; I don’t know that cobalt blue jasper exists maybe you could
use lapis. Several of the Oregon jaspers have different shades of
blue some are really expensive some not. Check online for stone
dealers that sell slabs or go to a rock show. Dave

I am not sure where you are located, but I do believe that Jerry’s
Rock and Gem in Kent, WA carries blue jasper slab.

They do have a website. Just search the above name.

Pretty sure they ship anywhere.