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[Source] Black silk cord

Does anyone happen to know who sells black silk cord (thicker that
the regular beading variety). I am having a lot of difficulty
locating a vendor/supplier. It needs to be at least 1.5mm to be able
to handle the weight and scale of pendants. Thanks for your help!!!
Susan Whitehead

Don’t know where you live, but I have found an excellent source of
all colors and kinds of cord at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts.


Hanuman, I want to say that the new version of the search engine is
terrific. I just retrieved this old post of mine to answer the
black silk cord question. It was so easy.

Hi, There is a company called M&J Trimming located at 1008 Avenue of
the Americas in New York City. Their phone number is 1800-9MJTRIM.

I used to buy black silk cord and the woven leather cord from them
around 10 years ago. Their website is

They have a large selection of trimmings.

Diane Sadel

I see this is an old post…but Helby Import in New York is
fantastic for all kinds of stringing materials. Wholesale only. is the website. The phone number is 732-969-5300. You’ll
have to buy a whole spool of it. Probably around $18.00 if I remember