[Source] Black Pearls

Aloha from the Big Apple!!

Would you kindly share your source for the REAL Chinese black
Tahitian pe arls? Do I assume rightly that these black pearls are
NOT made from pearl dust ?

Would certainly appreciate it if you would kindly contact me off-line
at @stephanie_young Many thanks and greetings
from New York City. Stephanie Young

Would you kindly share your source for the REAL Chinese black
Tahitian pe arls? Do I assume rightly that these black pearls are
NOT made from pearl dust ?


I was not sure, whom you addressed this mail :wink: anyhow,

Let me proceed. Hope this will enlighten others about Black pearls.

I personally would not like to engage in the debate but promise to
forward any technical or business queries directly to him.

Not Chinese but I was talking about Indian Black Pearls, which a
scientist living in next colony had developed 3-4 years ago. I am
told, he successfully developed something peculiar and more advance
than Japanese. He is now well respected and known in technical circle
of Black pearls. When started his research 10 years back, he
successfully created even sized A grade round pearls using a secret

I talked him about the possibility of remaking of Black pearls using
its dust. He laughed…and said if this was possible; Chinese would
have produced only Black pearls using dust of their fresh water
pearls scrap.

A pearl is Calcium Carbonate, which is white in color. According to
him…the dust of Black Pearl is not Black in color but White.

If such pearls are possible to make, they’re bound to be seen
without nucleus and natural layers (deposited by the Oyster). It
would be impossible to see any luster on such pearls.

A Photo synthesis method is used for Blackening of White pearls,
which can make the whole pearl Black also from Inside.

He started giving me a technical lecture on phone which was beyond
scope of my little knowledge :slight_smile:

Currently, he is busy setting-up a commercial venture in a small
island based in Arabian sea and you should soon expect nearly perfect
Black pearls from him. So far, he has only few hundred of them, which
he produced during

his research work.
Write me offline for further talks.
Sandeep Saxena

I am the one who started this thread on black pearls. The reason?
Two Chinese dealers came into my shop with a huge supply of pearls of
all sorts and one big bag of 12mm pearls. They were blemished but had
good sides on some and good color. The price was too good to be true
thus I posted this thread hoping to glean some truth. They told me
they were fresh water. I thought Tahitians were salt water. That sent
a buzzer off in my head. They told me they were produced in China.
Buzzer #2. Tahitian pearls I thought meant Tahiti. The price was way
not Tahitian. Buzzer and big bell #3. They both spoke only a hand
full of English from what I could tell. I bought one of the blacks
and figured if I needed more I could always get a hold of them but
wanted more info. So I called on Orchid THE source. Thanks. I do
believe they are NOT powdered pearls but genuine bottom grade
Tahitians bought by Chinese in large parcels at a discount. These are
large and it sound as though the Indian version are smaller so I
don’t think they are Indian and the Indians would reflect a higher
price than these. I searched the parcel for one with a good side that
I could incorporate into a design and cover the blemishes

Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Someone nees to get hold of a cheap one and then saw it in half. My
bet is that they are large nucleated freshwater pearls that have
been dyed with silver nitrate. Tony Konrath Key West Florida 33040